Supply Chain Management

From receiving inbound products to shipping outbound orders, supply chain performance can impact efficiency, productivity, and the bottom line. HJI’s operations are flexible to accommodate shifts in consumer demand and operational disruptions. We are qualified to deliver the perfect order to every customer every time. Doing it right the first time makes our customers happy, saves the cost of fixing errors, and doesn’t require the use of extra assets. And by doing the job right, we give you good reason to use our services again in the future.

Inventory Management

HJI helps to eliminate the capacity issues of many SKUs scattered about in different places.

HJI uses the best technology we can find to track and manage inventory levels within our warehouses. Employees use hand-held scanners to send and receive information about inventory levels within our warehouse management system. And we work closely with our customers to maintain the right balance of product on-hand to ensure we have enough material to fulfill orders while keeping inventory levels as low as necessary.

Managed Transportation

Back in the day we started with a lot of trucks and were actually the largest minority carrier in the US. Now, we’re here to extend those partnerships with our clients and manage the project, not just the assets.

We understand the quickly changing challenges that shippers face: fluctuating fuel costs, ongoing driver shortages, and numerous supply chain disruptions. At HJI, we have trusted relationships with various carriers to help you get your shipments picked up and delivered on time. We also work with you to find ways to improve your operating cost structure and increase revenue while reducing your overall transportation expenditure. We’ll act as an extension of your business and manage as much or as little of your transportation as needed.


So the aftermarket’s not your favorite thing to deal with, and you need some help. We get it!

Today’s customers expect higher performance than ever before when it comes to obtaining service parts. By optimizing parts supply and inventory, HJI can help you create a lean and flexible service parts operation to effectively serve current and future demand. We work to maximize the efficient handling of spare parts and improve distribution processes to increase customer service levels, lower costs, reduce waste, and mitigate non-value-add activities.

Move Forward with Us

Lynn Moore, CEO
Condrad Daniels, President