Value-Added Warehousing

HJI is not a storage unit and not in the business of selling space – you can find that anywhere. HJI focuses on the value-add our team members can bring to your project for your clients.

We understand the need to obtain added value from our warehousing and distribution activities. Our value-added services include kitting, repackaging, and pick-and-pack, which means that our warehouse is also the place where your product packages are assembled and customized for your customer.

Automotive Sequencing

The demand for parts to be produced and shipped in the right sequence and at the right time has become a standard automotive requirement. Automotive sequencing reduces the inventory levels for both the OEM and the supplier. For suppliers, the space that was once dedicated to inventory storage can now be used more effectively as revenue-generating production space. For OEMs, sequencing eliminates supply chain complexity and reduces the costs associated with having inventory on-hand.

Container Management

HJI uses a closed-loop reusable container management model, in which inbound shipments from suppliers are managed as round-trip shipments. Empty staged containers are systematically back-loaded on inbound trailers to be returned to the appropriate suppliers.


HJI can provide our clients with manufacturing support by building simple to complex sub-assemblies at our manufacturing support centers. All of our operations adhere to precise error-proofing processes to ensure the highest quality standards.

Move Forward with Us

Lynn Moore, CEO
Condrad Daniels, President